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Sibneft Oil Trade Moves to Austria

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Sibneft Oil Trade Company Limited exports crude oil and refined products. The company is based in Austria. Sibneft Oil Trade Company Limited operates as a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft Finance LLC. View Sibneft Oil Trade Company Limited Board of Directors profiles, including company insiders and other company Board Members.

Reserves at Gazprom Neft’s Neptune field reach 415 million tonnes

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Home How It Works U. Cardholder's Name Tell us your Full Name. Enter a valid Card No. Hi, may I help you with something? Learn More Join Now. Would you like to schedule a free demo? We'd love to show you international trade data relevant to your own business. Most of the company's oil production operations in Russia are carried out by three subsidiaries: Slavneft, Tomskneft and Salym Petroleum Development.

Together with Novatek it owns Arktikgaz. In , Gazprom Neft refined The company operates around 1, filling stations in Russia under the 'Gazpromneft' trademark unlike the name of the company, the filling station brand is written as one word. In total, the company's retail network consists of more than 1, filling stations, including in Tajikistan , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Belarus , Ukraine and Serbia under the NIS brand.

Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, named both Gazpromneft and G-Drive among the top three most popular brands in their categories. The company also owns a number of distribution companies in the bunkering Gazpromneft Marine Bunker and aviation fuel Gazpromneft-Aero businesses, as well as a fuel and lubricant production business Gazpromneft-Lubricants. British actor Jason Statham became the face of G-Energy's advertising campaign in The company's production volume in increased by 4.

In spring , Gazprom Neft confirmed the viability of year-round supply from the field by sea. The Novoportovskoye field will be developed in two phases, first focussing on the southern part of the field where peak production will reach 5 mln tonnes of oil per year. The second phase will look at the northern part of the field, where peak production is expected to reach 3 mln tonnes of oil per year. The fields were discovered in the s and are the most northern-located onshore Russian fields.

The Messoyakha oil and gas fields are located on the Gydan Peninsula in the Tazovsky District of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area - an Arctic climate zone with undeveloped infrastructure. By the Messoyakha fields are expected to be producing 8 mln tonnes per year with the first million produced by The service contract for development of the oil field was signed in the beginning of The winning bid was submitted by a consortium of companies consisting of:. The Badra oil field development project is scheduled to last 20 years with a possible 5-year extension.

Production is expected to reach , barrels of oil per day, which is around 8. Over a short period, new infrastructure for the field's commercial development has been installed at the oil field.

It allowed for the commercial production of oil to begin in May The first line of the central processing facility CPF has already been put into operation with a capacity of 60 thousand barrels per day. Oil gathering and preparation are carried out at this industrial facility. The Badra field was connected to the main Iraqi oil pipeline system by a kilometer-long pipeline.

In the Iraqi's point of view, the Badra oil field in one of the most difficult in the region, primarily due to geological circumstances. The geological structure of the deposit can be compared with a "layer cake": Therefore, specialists are facing a more labor-intensive task. At the moment all these difficulties have been successfully overcome. Three development wells have now been constructed, successfully tested and their outputs have exceeded planned expectations.

Solar panels can be another example of the usage of modern technologies. They allow the block valve station to work independently from electricity.

The Badra oil field development consortium annually invests in education, medicine and other social projects in Iraq. In Gazprom Neft donated some buses to the University in Kut, allowing students from the surrounding villages to regularly attend classes. In Badra City additional buildings for three secondary schools have been built in Moreover, Gazprom Neft provided modern computer equipment to the schools of the city.

Gazprom Neft financed the renovation of the town medical clinic in Badra and supplied an emergency medical care unit with modern medical equipment. Also, the renovation and construction of power grids in Badra was financed in

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