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Finally, near the village of Wimmis , it meets the Simme. The valley downstream of Frutigen is known as the Frutigtal. The last short section of today's river, the Kanderschlucht or Kander canyon, is artificial, having been created as a result of the Kander Correction see below. At the end of the canyon, the river flows into Lake Thun. Between Mülenen and Kandersteg, the river is followed by the Lötschberg railway line on its climb to the northern portal of the Lötschberg tunnel , which passes under the Gastertal on its way to Brig and the Rhone Valley.

A road also follows the valley to Kandersteg and beyond into the Gastertal, but unlike the railway this is a dead-end, with no through road route across the mountains. The Kander originally flowed through the low lying Thun Allmend area and entered the Aare between the city of Thun and Uttigen. As a result, the Allmend was repeatedly flooded.

As the river flowed within a few hundred meters of Lake Thun , there were early proposals to divert the river into the lake, thus avoiding the Allmend and stopping the flooding.

At the beginning of the 18th Century, the engineer Samuel Bodmer created plans involving a cutting through the Strättlighügel ridge that separated the river and lake. The plans were approved in , and work began but was delayed by the second Battle of Villmergen.

In the spring of work restarted under the direction of Bern's city architect Samuel Jenner , but with a tunnel instead of the unfinished cutting. Work was finished by the end of the year, but in , the river started to enlarge the channel, causing the tunnel to collapse and creating today's Kanderschlucht or Kander canyon. The Kander correction was the first pieces of major water course re-engineering in Switzerland and lack of experience subsequently led to problems.

This caused flooding and bank correction, which has been addressed over the years in different ways, including channeling of the Aar in , a more major correction of the Aar in the s, and a flood relief tunnel in the early 21st century. With respect to rafting , the Kander is classified as unrunnable level VI on the International Scale of River Difficulty due to the river's numerous rapids and barriers.

In , a Swiss Army rafting party's inflatable boats capsized during an attempt to navigate the river; five soldiers were killed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. Upload limit is up to 1mb only. To post a message to social media, first log in or sign up for free CanadianInsider. To post messages to your Socail Media account, you must first give authorization from the websites. Select the platform you wish to connect your account to CanadianInsider.

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