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Then there are in total 4 copies of each file available: Saving a file on her laptop will upload the changes to the cloud where algorithms compare the new copy with every other copy on her machines and then decide which one is the most current version.

That way, a user can always be sure to work on the correct file at any point in time. Cloud storage providers can not only sync files but also make them available to another person or even a group of people by sharing. The cloud copy of a file is then available to a third party. Now there are two important concepts to understand: With a public link, anybody with that link can access a file or folder, while a private link is only accessible upon invitation and generally requires the invited users to create an account with the cloud storage company.

Now, that you understand what cloud storage is and what is does you can already see the endless possibilities: The cloud has a lot of applications. We have gathered a list of things you can do and how the cloud can help you work more efficiently. As files can be shared with a public link that link can be then sent via email to a recipient where it can be downloaded. All file versions of a document , presentation, spreadsheet or any file for that matter are stored in the cloud.

All parties that have access to that file or folder will always see the current version no matter who edited it last. What used to be an endless chain of new documents whose filename creativity decreased by each version is now combined into one single file.

Cloud file storage services can serve as a quick backup because multiple versions of a single files is both available in the cloud and on other devices. So if a computer meltdown occurs, having a subscription with a cloud storage service allows for quick restoration of lost files. Certainly one of the major benefits of services like Dropbox is collaboration with a virtual team spread across different continents.

All members of a team can have access to a shared folder and upload and download data, so everybody is on the same page with the project status. Even though they are called cloud storage providers, with the above mentioned file synchronisation, all files are available offline. So working on a project with a weak or non-existing Internet connection is possible. Once re-connected, changes are uploaded automatically. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

You have to look at your requirements carefully and select a service with the help of our comparison chart.

These services below are some services our readers and we like a lot. Based in Canada, they rival Dropbox both in ease-of-use and syncing speed. However, they offer something much more valuable: Unfortunately, a Linux client is not on the roadmap yet. Users can get a massive 20GB of free storage. Their paid tiers are reasonably priced as well:. Business users get 5TB of storage. This plan includes a minimum of 5 users, each getting 1TB of storage.

This plans will set you back at Their mobile apps a a beauty and are available on the iOS and Android app stores. As the name already suggests, SugarSync is a service focused on file synchronisation and sharing, yet they also allow users to run backup jobs in the background.

SugarSync is available in many different flavors starting from GB for 7. More expensive than Dropbox but well worth the extra money for the flexiblity. Livedrive's website and service hasn't changed much in the last 4 years. Unlike other service Livedrive also allows users to backup NAS drives. There are some advantages and disadvantages when using cloud storage providers for your data.

Here are some to consider: Back to comparison chart. While free is certainly good enough to try if a service works or not, it comes with a variety of restrictions that users should be aware of. Let tackle the pros and cons of free storage with a side-by-side comparison and show a couple of services that do offer free storage.

Cloud storage services can be used for personal and business use. However, the requirements vastly differ from one another. While on the consumer side easy-of-use and compatibility is the main concern, priorities shift towards privacy and security in a business or enterprise environment. For example, businesses need more granular control over shared files. They need to be able to set folder permissions on a case by case basis and even control subfolders.

Business cloud storage services are generally called Enterprise File Sync and Share EFSS vendors because they focus on business collaboration and mobile enablement. Popular vendors are Egnyte, who have made the hybrid cloud model popular, and Box, known for their vast array of integrations into third party apps such as Salesforce. When using an online backup service computer data is stored in the cloud, but it works differently from cloud storage applications: Apple users may know this procedure from Time Machine where the entire hard drive is copied onto another drive.

If your bandwidth and CPU allows this, we always recommend you activate continuous backups. Savvy users know this advertisement from web hosting services offering unlimited bandwidth. Most computer users only need a couple of gigabytes to backup their most important files, however, hard drives are getting cheaper by the month and people amass more digital media than ever before. So planning ahead is a wise choice.

Make sure you to check how much space on your hard drive you currently occupy. You can achieve that by right clicking either on your C: The safe bet is to go with any unlimited backup service we rate highly, for example Backblaze, Crashplan or Carbonite because you can also backup external hard drives or NAS devices and never have to worry about space issues. If you require additional features, such as file sync and sharing, you need to pick your online backup provider carefully because not every service has those features.

We know it can get overwhelming choosing the right option. The market is quite saturated with over 50 providers so we show you our five favorites that have shown a high level of performance and cosistency over the last years. Crashplan has been our top recommended cloud backup service for years because it offers a truly unlimited experiences if set up correctly.

There are virtually no limitations as to how much data you can backup, how many versions you can store or to the file sizes, even a large 10GB Outlook email data base is backed up properly. So where is the catch? We have experienced rather slow backup speeds from our location in Europe. In any case, backing up a large quantity of files always takes time but Crashplan does a fantastic job with a simple set-it-and-forget-it setup approach.

IDrive has turned into a hybrid service over the years: Yet consumers should use IDrive for what it was originally made: IDrive offers end-users a whole host of backup customization options from creating various backup sets, settings granular backups schedules to protecting their backups with a personal encryption key that only the user knows and owns.

Backblaze has been my goto backup service to recommend to the technically less literate part of my family and friends. It is very easy to setup: That saves bandwidth and overall backup time.

Backblaze backs up fast — if you allow it to and set the threads to This may however, slow down other network applications for example remote desktop session and the like. This is no brainer in my opinion. Carbonite is another decent online backup service, however, the Windows version is vastly superior to the Mac edition: Mac users need to go without external hard drive backups or mirror image backups. Carbonite will continuously back up files in the background, if video files should be backed up automatically customers need to pick at the very least the prime plan.

Fortunately, Carbonite got rid of some nasty bandwidth limiting policies and offers users a truly unlimited experience. SOS Online Backup is here with an aggressive unlimited pricing: There are a few caveats that users need to be aware of: On the other hand, there is no continuous backup option available, users can crank up the schedule to hourly, though. For those users who want to share files, SOS Online Backup has a file sharing option, according to their website that is.

It took me almost 30 minutes to find it. On Cloudwards we recommend people use different apps for backup and cloud storage anyway. Cloud backup essentially is a synonym to online backup because it describes the exact same thing.

In fact, the term cloud backup is becoming more and more popular. It used to be widely used in the business sector only but now everybody understands what is meant by the cloud. The list provided in our comparison chart ranks services based on features, reliability, speed, security and customer support. By no means are our rankings an end-all-be-all but instead can serve you as a starting point because you can filter the features based on your requirements. Some of these terms are used interchangeably which makes it difficult to determine what they are used for.

Up to 4 account users can share this account and the owner can manage access of each account user. Cloud Storage Comparison Last update: Cloud Storage Sync and share files with other people.

Cheapest Cloud Storage – not always the best idea

Pros Continuous backup mode Vast scheduling options and backup set creation Includes free shipping once per year of a hard drive.

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