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Eröffnung von Gemeinschaftskonten/-depots mit gemeinschaftlicher Verfügungsberechtigung (Und-Konto) Copy for the Bank Opening of joint accounts/joint custody accounts with joint right of disposal (Und-Konto) 1 We hereby apply for the opening of joint accounts/joint custody accounts with individual right of disposal for all account holder on the following terms: 1. Current account. SBI's internet banking portal provides personal banking services that gives you complete control over all your banking demands online. CORPORATE BANKING Select Vyapaar Vistaar Khata Plus Supply Chain Finance GINB Saral Khata LOGIN.


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If I Open an account I must pay the minimum costs 4. Here are the business accounts at Deutsche Bank: You know the problem with economy of greece! I hold a UK passport and currently live in Dubai. I plan to relocate to Berlin in August I will visit Berlin in December and wanted to open a local bank account.

I want an account that I can use to transfer funds in readiness for when I arrive in August. This account will be used for salary deposits, to issue cheques for accommodation rental. Can you recommend a suitable bank and account type. Importantly one that can be opened prior to my arrival. PS I do not speak German. Hello, I live in Denmark and I would like to open a bank account in your bank in Euros. Can I do that? I have sent the money and the Formular, and afterwards I have deposited more money In total 5 months.

I have asked for the Kontobestatigung numerous times by email and through the formular in your website https: I have called, but no body helps me by phone. By now, almost one month has passed, and the Embassy is waiting and I dont have the Kontobestatigung in my email. Hi, I need help explaining the documents required for opening a student account at DB in Munich.

I read that you require your passport and a residence confirmation. Is it possible to open an account with only passport and short term accomodation address like hotels and hostels or maybe the address of my University? I have a deutche bank in Italy and live in the UK. I have a mortgage in Italy for my family and need to pay money into the deutche bank to cover this? Can I transfer money from my nationwide UK bank account to deutche bank without charge or can I pay money into this switched bank to cover these payments?

If so where can I do this? I had a friend he is from London he got cheque from maybank here in malaysia how much he need to pay for open non resident account? Wish to open a saving account at Deutsche Bank in Malaysia in order for my son to study in Germany.

Can I open with Euro currency Instead of Malaysian currency? Hello, I have issued a closing account certificate to Deutsche bank from the German embassy here in Malaysia. I would like to know how Long does a block account takes to close down and how Long does it takes for the cash to be transferred to my account?

Hello I was trying to apply for help with starting a account with this bank could you email me the information please. I need help buying a home in Florida and I also needed to start my owner of a douches bank thank you please respond back. I have new company in Hong Kong. I want to open business account in Deutsche bank Hong Kong. If possible how can I pay bank account opening charges? Can I open an account by sent my documents and my signature online I will come to Germany for visiting but I need to transfer my many before I come.

I want to open an account with Deutsch Bank in Malaysia Branch. The account is for my own company for business use. My question is how much the minimum deposit required for the new account. Hi, I have a DB account in Germany. However, as a researcher, I will soon move to another European country and do not want to change my bank account. How should I change my address with Deutsche Bank, and will I be charged money per month for not withdrawing the Kontoauszug bank statement from the DB transaction machines I will be unable to do it easily in other EU countries, unless DB has a large presence there.

I would like to open account in your bank. I live in Greece is it possible with capital control Thank you. Maybe that could be another option for you: I am relocating to Germany and would like to open a USD denomination account. Knowing that I am currently living with my parents and I have no house of my own and neither a job; therefore, I am not subjected to paying the tax residence in my country and I have neither a tax ID number nor an equivalent personal identification number.

Can I have my monthly stipend deposited directly into such account, and can I withdraw the funds for free at one of your branches in Lisbon? If not possible to open here in the USA, can I open it in Lisbon and then make arrangements for the deposits to this account, what type of documents are required and what is there a minimum amount to open checking account?

If so, please advise the requirements etc. Hi, I wanted to open a current account in Hong Kong. I am an Indian and i have newly registered a company in Hong Kong. Kindly suggest how can i go ahead. I have an account already in Deutsche Bank as I was working in Germany couple of years ago. Now I got back to my home country EU country but I kept my account.

I signed a request for a closed account in DB for my studies in berlin, but I received the following:. What should be done hence? I have already paid the school deposit and the admission officer is surprised with the above email from DB. Is there any alternative or regular account?

I need to open an account asap so that I can transfer money, in order to get visa for study. My class will start on 26th Sept, I have sent all the document last Friday, 17th June from Indonesia. How long does it take to open a bank account normally?

And how can I follow up on this? Thank you in advance! How are things going on your side now? Hi guys, I am in the same situation.

I have sent my documents on Any of have received any answer? I read that before the semester start it could last from 4 to 6 weeks. Hi, I am 30 years old. Can I open account in 31 or 32 years age?

Is there any age limit restriction or not? Can I open a Savings Account in Germany? I am Living in USA. I am German citizen with green card. Currently I stay in us and my German is not so good!! I am a Canadian citizen and would like to open an account in Germany since I will be traveling. Which bank is the best option and can the account be opened while I am still in Canada or do I have to be in Germany for it?

The best German direct banks which constitute the main focus of this special portal have been very hesitant for the recent two years to accept customers from abroad. This is mainly the case for free-of-charge accounts with free Visa Cards. You can even withdraw cash worldwide with these accounts. Especially with customers from abroad, this leads to financial losses of the banks. For example the Onlinekonto of PayCenter.

They send the MasterCard to Canada as well. An English language customer service already exists. The statutory legitimization is supposed to soon be possible via video chat. Currently, this needs to be done via Deutsche Post. Viabuy is another provider, where you can easily apply for a MasterCard with account function. Currently though, they do not mail the cards to Canada. The from our perspective best account with card is the one of DKB , but this one is regrettably not available for Canadian citizens.

The reason for that is that many German banks perform a credit check in case of an account opening. Would such a Viabuy MasterCard work for you? In that case, only the problem regarding the address would need to be taken care of. Want to open DKB current account. Am I eligible to open current account at DKB. If yes what is procedure. Your answer is very important for me. Thank you and keep waiting for your response. I opened a Junge Konto in Deutsche Bank.

I already received a debit card. Do i need to do something to activate the accound and the card? I have moved to Nuremberg a month ago. I have found a job and in a few days i will sign the contact. So i need a bank account to get salary from my employer.

The problem is that i am a Greek citizen and my ID is not accepted because birth place and issuing authority are written in Greek and not Latin characters. Everything else, name, surname etc are with Latin characters. How is that possible? I have used this ID to travel with aeroplane and passed airport security check all times without problems.

Good evening, we have a business account with Deutsche bank in London. Do you have any facilities for the paying in of cheques at other banking networks? Our clients are mainly German companies, transferring money to our Bulgarian Bank account. This is why, we would like to open an account in Germany. Thanks Awaiting for you reply Regards Rad.

Business accounts of foreign companies are solely opened at the local branches. There are no online forms for this. Deutsche Bank wants to meet the customer in person and understand their business — otherwise there is no account opening.

Yes, the Giro account can be applied for online. Visiting a local branch is not necessary. The statutory legitimization can be done at a post office. Hello I want to open an open student account not blocked one in Deutsche bank. What is requirement to do so. Hi, I have an appointment on Nov 8 to open an account at Deutsche bank. I was wondering how long it takes for the account to open and start functioning after the appointment? Could you tell me how much time does it needs to be ready cause I need it urgently Please ask Deutsche Bank directly.

We are not Deutsche Bank. Usually, account openings take 1 hour at the local branch, on average — online minutes. I would like to open an account with Deutsche Bank. What documents do I need and what is the procedure? I would like to open an account in your bank from the branch in my home country. What are the requirements needed and how long would be take? Foreign branches of Deutsche Bank only open account in the respective country.

If you so wish, open a local account there. Hello, I am a Danish citizen living in Thailand but travel a lot to Bulgaria on business — my Question:. For an account opening, Deutsche Bank puts special emphasis on a residence in Germany. An address or residence within the EU suffices.

The mailing of the card can be done to Thailand as well. One gets a Mastercard, with which one can withdraw cash worldwide. Online-banking and customer services are available bilingually, in German and English. The account opening takes place online. The identity verification can be done online. As long as the account exists, you can use it worldwide.

But it is a EUR account. Hallo, I am a German citizen and I am looking for a bank where I can have several saving accounts under the same roof, and where I can do automatic transfers from my Girokonto SpardaBank on a monthly basis without additional fees.

This bank can do, what you are looking for. I need to open account in your bank in order to get student visa to study in Germany. All images or other materials were taken from the web and believed to be in the public domain.

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June 28, at Could you please suggest me which type of account suits me best?

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