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Gold bars and bullion

1g Gold Bars.

We stock a wide range of gold bars available at low premiums above spot, with a mix of brand new and pre-owned offering flexibility in price. Our bars are pure 24 carat gold and manufactured by LBMA approved refiners including Umicore, Metalor, Heraeus & PAMP. was founded in with headquaters in Basel, Switzerland. It is a leader in the trade of gold, silver, platinum and precious metals exchange and recycling, as .

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Com I know they currently have a special offer on and you can get a free bottle, just pay the 4. 99 shipping fee which is an absolute bargain, much better value than this product and a much better quality product. Hope this review helped.

1 oz Gold Bars

These are ideal for those who wish to use gold instead of cash while 1oz gold bars are perfect for both new and established investors. Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis und wünschen einen schönen Sommer

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Condition varies from near perfect to scruffy but is sold as an investment bar.

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