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As Billy drives around town, he is harassed by bullies Chuck Boran and Froggy, and by two police deputies who give him a speeding ticket. Billy wanders into the desert and discovers the laser cannon and pendant. He starts playing with the cannon, pretending to shoot things, then realizes he can fire the weapon while wearing the pendant.

Meanwhile, on the alien spacecraft, the two aliens converse with their leader who shows them footage of Billy using the cannon, prompting the aliens to turn their ship around to head back to Earth. Context implies that the two aliens, upon departing Earth, left the cannon and pendant behind under the presumption that no other human would be able to use them as the green-skinned man had, but they have now learned that they were in error.

Billy and Kathy attend a pool party where Chuck and Froggy attempt to rape Kathy. When Billy discovers them, a fight breaks out but Kathy stops it; knowing Chuck and Froggy would outmatch Billy. Later that night, Billy uses the laser cannon to explode Chuck's car, and Chuck and Froggy barely escape the explosion alive.

Government official Tony Craig arrives to investigate both the explosion and the desert where Billy found the cannon. Tony informs the local sheriff that the town must be sealed off. Feeling sick due to an unusual growth on his body, Billy visits Dr. Mellon, who surgically removes a metallic disc from Billy's chest.

Mellon calls the police laboratory technician Mike London to arrange for the disc to be investigated. A green-skinned Billy opens fire on Mellon's car that evening, killing him in an explosion. The next day, Tony investigates the wreckage and recovers unusual material, which he brings to Mike London, who concludes it is an alien material that cannot be destroyed.

At night, the green-skinned Billy takes his revenge out on the two police deputies for interrogating him about Dr. Mellon's death and kills both of them at a gas station. The next day, Kathy puts the pendant on Billy's chest while they are laying together outside. Billy immediately wakes up with green skin and deformed teeth and attacks Kathy, but she escapes. Law enforcement officials shoot at Billy from an aircraft, but Billy destroys the aircraft with the cannon, and later kills Chuck and Froggy by blowing up their car.

After killing a man and stealing his van, Billy travels into a city and goes on a rampage, shooting random objects with the laser cannon and fires at his surroundings. Kathy and Tony arrive in the city and locate Billy, as the aliens spot Billy from atop a building and shoot him, which kills Billy and destroys the laser cannon.

The aliens depart in their spacecraft and Kathy cries over Billy's corpse. Laserblast was produced by Charles Band , who is widely known as a writer, producer, and director of B movies. Band described the film as a "revenge story" with a simple premise that he thought would be fun for the audience. Band said, "Most of the films that I made, that I conceived, that I was very involved with and in some cases directed, definitely started with the title and usually a piece of artwork that made sense.

Then I would work back to the script and the story and make the movie. Band wanted Laserblast to be a "mini- Star Wars ", [6] and at one point in the film, a disparaging reference is made when Billy fires his laser gun at a Star Wars billboard, resulting in a tremendous explosion.

Billy is ignored and abandoned by his mother early in the film, demonstrating the dangers that can result from uncaring parents, one of the major themes of the script.

John Kenneth Muir raised several of these issues in his book, Horror Films of the s: Why do the aliens leave behind the rifle and the pendant in the first place? Why does the weapon turn its owner into a monstrous green-skinned brute?

Later, however, it turns out to have actually happened after all. Kim Milford , who had previously appeared in the original Broadway theatre production of Hair and the first production of The Rocky Horror Show , starred in the leading role of Laserblast , marking his first major motion picture appearance. Smith disliked the role because she felt it was poorly written and that she did not receive enough rehearsal time.

Laserblast marks the screen debut of Eddie Deezen, who went on to play other archetypal nerd roles in films like Grease , which was filmed before Laserblast started production, Grease 2 , and Midnight Madness During a interview, Deezen remembered little about Laserblast , other than that it was a "shoddy production". Mellon in the film, and his name is misspelled "McDowell" in the end credits.

The filming for Wynn's small role was finished in one day. Laserblast was directed by Michael Rae, marking his only directorial credit. Allen , the film animator who created the stop motion alien creatures in Laserblast. When Band and Neill met, the former was working full-time on his fantasy film The Primevals , which was ultimately never completed. Band had developed an interest and familiarity with animation, particularly the works of Ray Harryhausen , and wanted Allen to animate the reptilian creatures for his film.

Although eager to work on The Primevals , Allen said he was not yet "sufficiently mature professionally" to undertake a project of that size, and he felt Laserblast was "something that was more manageable".

The alien creatures were featured in 39 cuts of the film through five scenes. The first scene was in the beginning of the film where the aliens emerge from their spacecraft into the desert to shoot Neill's character. Two matte set-ups were used for effects, including one used to create the illusion of depth with Neill's character in the foreground and the aliens in the background.

The sequence where Neill's character shoots the gun out of the hand of one of the aliens was done through wire-supported animation. The aliens speak with their commander through a monitor in the second sequence, and animations of the commander alien were shot separately and implemented into the scene using a rear projection effect. Both sequences also used rear projection to show footage of Billy and his destruction on Earth. Footage of the car was rear projected behind the alien models; however, the projected footage was shot at night and the scene took place between two daytime live-action scenes, thus creating a continuity error in the film.

Matting was again used for the sequence where Billy is shot with a gun by one of the aliens from the top of a building. The aliens then fly off in their spaceship at the end of the scene through a cutout animation effect. Randall William Cook , an animator who worked with Allen on the horror film The Crater Lake Monster , provided uncredited animation work on Laserblast.

Joel Goldsmith and Richard Band , the brother of film producer Charles Band, [32] composed the music for Laserblast , marking the first film score for both composers.

The film was distributed by the Irwin Yablans Company , and released on March 1, Laserblast has received largely negative reviews, and consistently ranks among the Bottom list of films on the Internet Movie Database. It also criticized the props, particularly the laser gun, which they compared to a cereal box prize. Literary critic John Kenneth Muir thought the script has many plot holes which leave many unanswered questions, and that there was "little effort to forge a coherent story out of the mix".

Hyde , and said Billy's reign of destruction seemed random and senseless rather than driven by plot or characterization. The review called the film "the epitome of what Frank Zappa once hymned as 'cheapness.

Martin also stated the film was pulled from a Toronto theater after showing for one week. Not all reviews were negative. Blockbuster Entertainment gave the film three out of five stars, and film critic Leonard Maltin gave it two-and-a-half out of four stars. Pitts called Laserblast "an stimulating, unpretentious little film in the same vein as I Was a Teenage Werewolf. Parish and Pitts praised the stop motion animation and the performance of Cheryl Smith. However, Adams said he enjoyed watching it on a B movie level.

He also said that the film would have been made differently and would have had less critical reactions had it been produced with a larger budget. Several critical reviews cited the stop motion animation as one of the film's only redeeming qualities. Laserblast was initially released on home video in from Media Home Entertainment. The picture was presented with an aspect ratio of 1. The disc included no captions and no special features except for cast profiles and trailers for other Full Moon films.

Doug Pratt, a DVD reviewer and Rolling Stone contributor, said the visual presentation was better than most films from its time, with fresh colors and only a few speckles, as well as a decent sound transfer. The disc presented a newly made high-definition video scan from an interpositive film element.

On the commentary track, Band states that the film's original negative has been lost. It consisted of about 46 minutes of music over 25 tracks. SoundtrackNet reviewer Mike Brennan said it was "actually quite enjoyable in parts", but not the type of music meant to be listened to without the film. Brennan claimed it resembled some of the later and better-known works of Joel Goldsmith, like the scores of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

Band originally planned to produce a sequel called Laserblast II , with production work to begin in August and a theatrical release expected to follow shortly thereafter. Living and Dying on the 17th Century Patuxent Frontier, , Arkansas archaeological survey research series 44 , Dissertation Abstracts International 34 6 , 1 , American journal of physical anthropology 49 4 , , Disease and Demography in the Americas, , Journal of Forensic Science 32 5 , , Forensic science international , , International journal of Osteoarchaeology 8 2 , , American Journal of Physical Anthropology 46 1 , , Articles 1—20 Show more.

Standards for data collection from human skeletal remains JE Buikstra Arkansas archaeological survey research series 44 , Current anthropology 33 4 , , Standards for data collections from human skeletal remains: Revisions in the microscopic method of estimating age at death in human cortical bone ER Kerley, DH Ubelaker American journal of physical anthropology 49 4 , , Estimating age at death from immature human skeletons:

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The reptilian alien creatures in the film were works of stop motion animation by animator David W.

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