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Butterfly in Fixed Income Trading Strategies

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A butterfly (or barbel) therefore involves the simultaneous trading of three maturities on the swap curve. Mechanics of a Butterfly Trade Price \(Price= (2. S_{(0,t_2)}) – S_{(0,t_1)} – S_{(0,t_3)}\); where \(t_3 > t_2 > t_1\) A butterfly trade has three legs. The middle leg can be considered a “pivot point” which will move in the opposite direction to the short and long legs. We typically talk about the middle leg being . A butterfly spread is a neutral option strategy combining bull and bear spreads. Butterfly spreads use four option contracts with the same expiration but three different strike prices.

Yield Curves

Swap Butterfly. Lets look in more detail at the 19 Butterfly trades. From which we see that 2Y/3Y/5Y is the most popular with 5 trades, followed by 2Y/5Y/10Y with 4 trades. Summing just the middle leg of these trades, gives us a better idea of the Butterfly trades.

When disproportionate shifts occur, the investor can earn a net return. One common butterfly trade involves three treasury bonds. The investor sells five-year treasuries and buys two- and ten-year bonds with the money that he receives in a proportion that makes the average life of the portfolio equal to five years. To do this, the portfolio would be slightly more heavily weighted towards the two-year bond.

To begin with, the idea is for the blended yield of the two- and ten-year bonds to be higher than the five year bond's yield. The other advantage of the butterfly is that if the relationship in yields changes, it could increase returns. While a traditional butterfly is designed to be cash- and duration-neutral, there are a few ways to get there. By changing the sizes of the wings of the butterfly and adjusting the amount of long and short bonds that you buy and sell, you can customize the butterfly's response to different shifts in the yield curve.

For instance, if you think the yield curve will flatten, and the relationship between the two- and ten-year bonds will become smaller, you can weight your butterfly towards the two-year bond. In this situation, the two-year bond's lower rate of decline will leave you with a higher net yield after the five- and ten-year bond yields fall more. Steve Lander has been a writer since , with experience in the fields of financial services, real estate and technology.

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Residents are encouraged to touch, hold and play with the items. The next step is all about encouraging staff to take the time to emotionally connect with seniors with dementia. In the one-and-a-half years since the Calgary residence has adopted the butterfly model, staff report that residents gained weight, were less aggressive with staff, and fewer restraints were used and less anti psychotics prescribed. Wright added that there were also general improvements in strength and wellbeing, as well as increased mobility.

The Calgary home is just one of seven accredited Butterfly care dementia wards in Canada, with six located in Alberta and one in Ontario, though there are plans to expand such units across the country. Toronto Mayor John Tory is one such proponent of expanding the program. In an interview with the Toronto Star on Friday, Tory expressed his admiration for the program after touring the Peel Region Malton Village dementia unit. Residents are encouraged to touch, hold and play with the items that cover the walls.

A room inside the care home, covered in bright colours and cheerful photos that trigger positive memories. Wright added that there were also general improvements in strength and wellbeing, as well as increased mobility Such an environment, Cody added, has made her father happier. Related Stories Nearly half of unpaid caregivers for seniors with dementia experience distress: Health minister announces dementia advisory board to help with national strategy. Hit-and-run on Highway leaves woman seriously hurt.

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Residents are encouraged to touch, hold and play with the items. One of the most commonly tracked yield curves is that of U.

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