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CARRIZO SPRINGS, TX Hwy. 83 South PO Box Carrizo Springs, TX Office: Office Fax: About Pro Oil & Gas Services. Pro Oil & Gas Services, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Pro offers Frac Stack & Flowback, Drilling, Wireline, Wireline Lubricator, Torque & Test and Mixing Plant/Coil Tubing Chemicals primarily in the Eagleford, Permian, Marcellus/Utica, SCOOP/STACK, and Haynesville shales.


Welcome to the ESP Pump website - a historical perspective of the oilfield electrical submersible pump industry, and viewpoints into ESP technology and business developments - past, present & future.

Also note that now GE and Halliburton have entered this market in the past year Another large cap Weatherford is a recent player. And Russian esp manufacturers are also entering new markets, and this includes the USA such as Borets.

So the landscape continues to change fast. It's an interesting business study also, as technology transfer takes affect around the world. The good news is that as of early , we remain in a very strong secular business uptrend.

But how will the big companies react to margin compression should there be a downturn? Please continue to email your input, questions and comments. Email address is at the bottom of the page. Some brief history of Arutunoff's invention, and the ESP industry. Armais Arutunoff was born June 21, in Tiflis, Georgia - a town with a rich history dating back to the 5th Century, located in the Caucasus Mountains between the Caspian and Black Sea.

Born to an Armenian family, his father was a soap manufacturer, and his grandfather a fur trader. In his youth, Armais lived in Erivan now Yerevan, Armenia. Armais Artunoff passed away February , in Oklahoma. Arutunoff's study of power transmission showed that electrical transmission of power can be efficiently applied at nearly all conditions. His ambition was to apply the results of his study to oil drilling and improve the antiquated methods he saw in use in the early 's in Russia.

To do this, a small, yet high horsepower electric motor was needed. The limitation imposed by available casing sizes made it necessary that the motor be relatively small in diameter. The existing state of the art and design laws at the time indicated that a motor of small diameter would necessarily be quite low in horsepower. Such a motor would be inadequate for the job he had in mind so he studied the fundamental laws of electricity to find the basis for the answer to the question of how to build a higher horsepower motor exceedingly small in diameter.

How Arutunoff developed the ESP. In , Arutunoff was redesigning a centrifugal pump to be coupled to the motor for dewatering mines and ships.

To develop sufficient power it was necessary that the motor operate at high speeds. For direct attachment to such a motor, thus permitting the simplest power transmission to be used, the pump needed to be a rotating device and operate at the same speed with the motor.

The centrifugal pump met that specification but it had never been developed to operate against high discharge heads. Arutunoff therefore successfully undertook to design a centrifugal pump, small in diameter and with a multiplicity of stages to achieve high discharge pressure. In his design, the motor was ingeniously installed below the pump to cool the motor with flow moving up the oil well casing, and the entire unit was suspended in the well on the discharge pipe.

The motor was sealed from the well fluid and operated in an oil bath. Before the unit had completed testing, a fire broke out in the Briansk Steel Factory in the growing industrial city of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine formerly, Ekaterinoslav where Arutunoff was manufacturing in the original ESP workshop his pump and motor.

The fire department could not catch the blaze which spread throughout the night, so one of Arutunoff's engineers hooked up the test unit in a surface horizontal position and it pumped a large volume of water and put the fire out. Indeed, it remains a surprise to many in the industry that the first functional use of an ESP was actually on surface in a horizontal configuration from the test bench used in designing the ESP.

When Arutunoff awoke the next morning he was rather famous, for the pump was literally an overnight success. Arutunoff's early invention enjoyed wide application in Russia and later in Germany, for oil well pumping and dewatering mines and ships. Skeptics thought the ESP was impossible and would never work, but Mr Clyde Alexander namesake of Clyde Lake, Oklahoma , then vice president and general manager of Phillips Petroleum Company, heard about Arutunoff's invention and saw what this could do for the petroleum industry.

Soon thereafter, a deal was negotiated with Phillips Petroleum Company for testing the equipment, and in Arutunoff moved to Bartlesville and formed, with the backing of Phillips Petroleum Company, the Bart Manufacturing Company. News of its success created quite a stir in the oil patch. The New York Times send Arutunoff a telegram saying, "Please rush good pictures showing oil well motors that are upside down".

An article in a Tulsa World newspaper described it as " An electric motor with the proportions of a slim fencepost which stands on its head at the bottom of a well and kicks oil to the surface with its feet. The early days of Reda.

In fact, it was Mr. VanWert who was the actual promoter instrumental in proposing and negotiating the agreement with Mr. Clyde Alexander of Phillips Petroleum to move to Bartlesville. It would soon become a spectacular business.

By , it was estimated that two percent of all oil produced in the United States with artifical lift, was lifted by Reda Pumps. Reda continually expanded its manufacturing, operations and service. Many thousands of employees would share in the success of the Reda pump. Great business success meant great wealth and the Arutunoff family lived in grand style in Bartlesville, neighbors with many of the oil tycoons of that generation.

During the hot summer months and bitter winter days in northeastern Oklahoma, he and the family would live in their large rambling home in Beverly Hills, California he would later sell the home to actor Vincent Price. Arutunoff was known to have a penchant for Hawaii, and would frequently treat friends for an all inclusive island vacation, flying first class and staying with the family at his favorite hotel, the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki. Arutunoff's ESP oilfield technology quickly had a significant impact on the oil business.

His pump was crucial to the successful production over the years of hundreds of thousands of oil wells. Arutunoff was an ingenious and prolific inventor, who, among other odd practices, ensured the punctuality of Reda employees by furnishing his office with only three chairs, to be divided up for the entire day on a first-come first-served basis. Arutunoff would lead by example to become the first of many rather eccentric ESP professionals, who would go on in developing and further refining the ESP from his legacy.

Arutunoff would obtain 90 patents with broad patent protection beginning in the 's example: US Patent 1,, applied for on April 15, , titled- "Motor Protector" , unlike the "corporate patent mill" ESP patents of today with narrowly defined claims. It occupied the city's industrial park just northwest of downtown and the plant eventually grew to nine acres, or 30 times its original size, through 42 additions over the years.

In the city of Bartlesville, motivated by the need to retain the jobs at REDA, announced an ambitious plan to rebuild the company's aging plant. The 16 different lease agreements for the land the plant occupied would be consolidated into one lease, and the plant would be rebuilt in phases resulting in a new city-owned and air-conditioned facility of over , square feet.

But that plan was scrapped in early when Schlumberger announced it would not rebuild the facility, but instead only refurbish the existing structure. In Schlumberger sold the ,square-foot nine-story Masonic Building to Rogers State University and ended any hopes to maintain Reda's presence at the iconic building. View a Letters Patent forty years after Mr. Arutunoff's early patents, by clicking here pdf. Schlumberger Oilfield Services today announced it has acquired Canadian-based A.

Comeau and Associates Limited ACA , a leading provider of electrical engineering products and services for artificially lifted wells. ACA is the latest addition to the Schlumberger Artificial Lift group, which provides full service capabilities in electrical submersible pumps, gas lift systems, hydraulic lifting, progressing cavity pumping PCP and real-time monitoring and control. Comeau and Associates is an ideal complement to our vision of real-time production optimization and reservoir management," said Peter Goode, president of Schlumberger Well Completions and Productivity.

ACA, which was founded in and now boasts 90 employees, will continue its operations in Edmonton, Alberta. For example, field-proven Schlumberger artificial lift operations have resulted in a production increase of more than 20 percent from a field in South America; stabilization of gas injection rates, decreased gas consumption and increased production by 73 percent in a North Sea well; and installation of the world's first dual electric submersible pump, allowing for simultaneous, but separate, production streams in a well.

Dramatic improvement to the recovery and management of oil and gas assets is the inherent benefit to the industry. Additional information on Schlumberger Artificial Lift is available at http: In the late 's, started allegedly by using stolen proprietary drawings taken from Reda pump. Arutunoff was disappointed and understandably furious at the poor showing of professional ethics by his once trusted ex-employees eager to start up their own ESP business in this way.

Byron Jackson California rescue Centrilift business startup A lawsuit was prepared to be filed against Centrilift and the ex-Reda employees who founded Centrilift, resulting in a settlement with damages paid by Centrilift to Reda. During this time in , Centrilift was located in California and was trying to put together a pump system and find an operator to install their product.

The company was subsequently sold to Hughes Tool in , and a new facility built in the town of Claremore, Oklahoma paving over the historic Claremore airport landsite used by Wiley Post and Will Rogers, in order to secure a low cost employee base and allow room for expansion.

Brady's management, Centrilift became one of the larger and more profitable ESP manufacturers. This time period laid the foundation to Centrilift's growth.

Centrilift built a distribution network in Latin America - having acquired Kobe facilities in Argentina, and Europe and secured sizable orders in the ex-Soviet oilfields primarily through the exemplary efforts of Mr. John Arrott, Business Manager - Russia, during the early 's. Kobe took over and about 4 years later it was changed to Baker Lift.

Ensuring reliable well access through unmatched industry expertise and an innovative technology portfolio. Achieving your downhole objectives faster with reliable and efficient access to live, deepwater wells with riserless light well intervention solutions.

No matter your passion, there is a part of our business made just for you. Find your prefered location and your specialty by searching our online database. We strive to maintain a truly diverse workforce at Oceaneering. From recent college graduates to transitioning military veterans, we pair talented job seekers with rewarding positions. Stop by a recruiting event near you to speak with current Oceaneers, present your ideas, and learn about potential career options with the company.

Our Mission is to Solve the Unsolvable. Recent signing ceremony held in Abu Dhabi. Photo courtesy of Oceaneering. Oceaneering will provide inspection management, shutdown The engineering support team is expected to grow to around 30 full time engineers by the end of The team provides highly experienced and specialized competency across all integrity engineering trades, enabling standardization, service excellence and full life cycle project execution.

Chirag Jayswal has been appointed senior integrity engineering manager. A growing volume of vessels transit through and around offshore assets, and operators must reduce the risks that these vessels pose to people and operations. Risks vary, but mitigation is imperative to head off safety incidents, production losses, and the immense reputational damage of a disaster.

November 13, — Oceaneering International, Inc. Under the terms of the Agreement, Oceaneering will provide Ashtead access to its inventory of over 5, tools and work packages to service the work-class remotely operated vehicle market. Deep Dive November 1, So its leadership began placing greater emphasis on strategic alignment a few years ago.

It has become extremely difficult to optimize product movements across an increasingly complex petrochemical supply chain. Two men were shot in the courtyard of a Gulfton-area apartment early Sunday, according to police. City Hall Main Line.

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The development of the Houston Ship Channel helped the development of heavy industries further inland.

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