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Mindoro's Philippines Subsidiary Wins Key Environmental and Safety Awards

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Magdalo Para Sa Pilipino Partylist is the 2nd Most Productive Partylist in House of Representatives in First Regular Session of the 17th Congress HB An . Second District Board Member Demy Sonza, in cooperation with the provincial government’s Office of Culture, Arts, History and Tourism, launched on Tuesday (April 18, ) his new book entitled “Two Most Highly Decorated Filipino Soldiers in World War II – Jose C. Calugas and Ramon S. Subejano of Iloilo”.

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Hot Sex Tube Young Sex TV Tube All Categories Porn Nasty Video Tube Real Home Sex Röhm was shot without trial, along with the leadership of the SA.

Up to people were killed in the action. Lutze was appointed SA's new head and it was converted into a sports and training organisation.

With the SA out of the way, Heydrich began building the Gestapo into an instrument of fear. He improved his index-card system, creating categories of offenders with colour-coded cards.

The Gestapo Law, passed in , gave police the right to act extra-legally. This led to the sweeping use of Schutzhaft —"protective custody", a euphemism for the power to imprison people without judicial proceedings. The Gestapo was considered to be acting legally as long as it was carrying out the leadership's will. People were arrested arbitrarily, sent to concentration camps, or killed.

Himmler began developing the notion of a Germanic religion and wanted SS members to leave the church. In early , Heydrich left the Catholic Church.

His wife, Lina, had already done so the year before. Heydrich not only felt he could no longer be a member, but came to consider the church's political power and influence a danger to the state. On 17 June , all police forces throughout Germany were united, following Hitler's appointment of Himmler as Chief of German Police.

With this appointment by the Führer, Himmler and his deputy, Heydrich, became two of the most powerful men in the internal administration of Germany. Heinrich Müller was the Gestapo's operations chief.

Heydrich was assigned to help organise the Summer Olympics in Berlin. The games were used to promote the propaganda aims of the Nazi regime. Goodwill ambassadors were sent to countries that were considering a boycott. Anti-Jewish violence was forbidden for the duration, and news stands were required to stop displaying copies of Der Stürmer.

In January , Heydrich directed the SD to secretly begin collecting and analysing public opinion and report back its findings. In mid, Heydrich created the Stiftung Nordhav Foundation to obtain real estate for the SS and Security Police to use as guest houses and vacation spots.

At the conference, senior Nazi officials formalised plans to deport and exterminate all Jews in German-occupied territory and those countries not yet conquered. In , Heydrich learned that a top-ranking Soviet officer was plotting to overthrow Joseph Stalin. Sensing an opportunity to strike a blow at both the Soviet Army and Admiral Canaris of Germany's Abwehr , Heydrich decided that the Russian officers should be "unmasked". But the "information" Heydrich had received was actually misinformation planted by Stalin himself in an attempt to legitimise his planned purges of the Red Army 's high command.

Hitler approved Heydrich's plan to act on the information immediately. The material was delivered to the NKVD. While Heydrich believed they had successfully deluded Stalin into executing or dismissing 35, of his officer corps, the importance of Heydrich's part is a matter of speculation and conjecture.

By late , German armies had swept through most of Western Europe. People disappeared without a trace with none told of their whereabouts or fate.

The exact number of people who vanished under it has never been positively established, but it is estimated to be 7, On 27 September , Heydrich was appointed Deputy Reich Protector of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia the part of Czechoslovakia incorporated into the Reich on 15 March and assumed control of the territory. The Reich Protector, Konstantin von Neurath , remained the territory's titular head, but was sent on "leave" because Hitler, Himmler, and Heydrich felt his "soft approach" to the Czechs had promoted anti-German sentiment and encouraged anti-German resistance via strikes and sabotage.

Heydrich came to Prague to enforce policy, fight resistance to the Nazi regime, and keep up production quotas of Czech motors and arms that were "extremely important to the German war effort". To realise his goals Heydrich demanded racial classification of those who could and could not be Germanized. He explained, "Making this Czech garbage into Germans must give way to methods based on racist thought.

Heydrich started his rule by terrorising the population: By 3 October, the decision was taken by Czechoslovak military intelligence in London to kill Heydrich. He was put on trial in Berlin and sentenced to death, but was kept alive as a hostage. He was later executed in retaliation for Heydrich's assassination. In March , further sweeps against Czech cultural and patriotic organisations, the military, and the intelligentsia resulted in the practical paralysis of the London-based Czech resistance.

Almost all avenues by which Czechs could express the Czech culture in public were closed. Heydrich used equipment confiscated from the Czech organisation Sokol to organise events for workers.

Unemployment insurance was established for the first time. Those associated with it or the resistance movement were tortured or executed. Heydrich labelled them "economic criminals" and "enemies of the people", which helped gain him support.

Conditions in Prague and the rest of the Czech lands were relatively peaceful under Heydrich, and industrial output increased. Despite public displays of goodwill towards the populace, privately Heydrich left no illusions about his eventual goal: Bohemia and Moravia faced annexation directly into the German Reich.

The Czech workforce was exploited as Nazi-conscripted labour. By December , Czechs could be called to work anywhere within the Reich.

Between April and November , 79, Czech workers were taken in this manner for work within Nazi Germany. Also, in February , the work day was increased from eight to twelve hours. Heydrich was, for all intents and purposes, military dictator of Bohemia and Moravia.

His changes to the government's structure left President Emil Hacha and his cabinet virtually powerless. He often drove alone in a car with an open roof — a show of his confidence in the occupation forces and in his government's effectiveness.

Historians regard Heydrich as the most fearsome member of the Nazi elite. Heydrich was one of the organisers of Kristallnacht , a pogrom against Jews throughout Germany on the night of 9—10 November It talks about permitting arson and destroying Jewish businesses and synagogues, and orders the confiscation of all "archival material" out of Jewish community centres and synagogues. Immediately after the arrests have been carried out, the appropriate concentration camps should be contacted to place the Jews into camps as quickly as possible.

When Hitler asked for a pretext for the invasion of Poland in , Himmler, Heydrich, and Heinrich Müller masterminded a false flag plan code-named Operation Himmler. It involved a fake attack on the German radio station at Gleiwitz on 31 August Heydrich masterminded the plan and toured the site, which was about four miles from the Polish border.

Wearing Polish uniforms, German troops carried out several attacks along the border. Hitler used the ruse as an excuse to launch his invasion. Later, in the Soviet Union, they were charged with rounding up and killing Jews via firing squad and gas vans. He also protected the Polish Olympic fencing team that competed at the Summer Olympics.

On 29 November , Heydrich issued a cable about the "Evacuation of New Eastern Provinces", detailing the deportation of people by railway to concentration camps, and giving guidance surrounding the December census, which would be the basis on which those deportations were performed. Given his position, Heydrich was instrumental in carrying out these plans since his Gestapo was ready to organise deportations in the West and his Einsatzgruppen were already conducting extensive killing operations in the East.

Establishing ghettos in the Protectorate was also planned, resulting in the construction of Theresienstadt , [] where 33, people would eventually die. Tens of thousands more passed through the camp on their way to their deaths in the East. Earlier on 31 July , Hermann Göring gave written authorisation to Heydrich to ensure the co-operation of administrative leaders of various government departments in the implementation of a " Final Solution to the Jewish question " in territories under German control.

In London, the Czechoslovak government-in-exile resolved to kill Heydrich. They lived in hiding, preparing for the assassination attempt. On 27 May , Heydrich planned to meet Hitler in Berlin. German documents suggest that Hitler intended to transfer Heydrich to German-occupied France , where the French resistance was gaining ground. Instead of ordering his driver to speed away, Heydrich called his car to halt and attempted to confront the attackers.

Heydrich ran after him for half a block but became weak from shock and collapsed. Heydrich, still with pistol in hand, gripped his left flank, which was bleeding profusely.

A Czech woman went to Heydrich's aid and flagged down a delivery van. He was placed in the back of the van, on his stomach, and taken to the emergency room at Bulovka Hospital. A splenectomy was performed, and the chest wound, left lung, and diaphragm were all debrided. Himmler ordered another doctor, Karl Gebhardt , to fly to Prague to assume care. Despite a fever, Heydrich's recovery appeared to progress well.

Theodor Morell , Hitler's personal doctor, suggested the use of sulfonamide a new antibacterial drug , but Gebhardt, thinking Heydrich would recover, declined the suggestion. The world is just a barrel-organ which the Lord God turns Himself. We all have to dance to the tune which is already on the drum.

Heydrich slipped into a coma after Himmler's visit and never regained consciousness. He died on 4 June; an autopsy concluded he died of sepsis.

After an elaborate funeral held in Prague on 7 June , Heydrich's coffin was placed on a train to Berlin, where a second ceremony was held in the new Reich Chancellery on 9 June.

Himmler gave the eulogy. Since it is opportunity which makes not only the thief but also the assassin, such heroic gestures as driving in an open, unarmoured vehicle or walking about the streets unguarded are just damned stupidity, which serves the Fatherland not one whit. That a man as irreplaceable as Heydrich should expose himself to unnecessary danger, I can only condemn as stupid and idiotic. It's time the media stopped reporting on every tweet from U.

It is simply not in the public interest for journalists, or any of us, to assign the same weight and importance to most of the messages he spreads with the help of Twitter as we should to the speeches he delivers with the help of teleprompters.

Granted, social media has become an accepted source of news because it is a source of information. Yet there are many examples of how social media can also be a source of misinformation and disinformation.

The speed of social media doesn't allow for fact-checking or careful, considered analysis, something journalists should do with any information they receive before publishing or broadcasting it. Social media platforms have now recognized the need to enhance the transparency and integrity of the messages they carry, with officials investigating how different platforms prioritize and curate information for certain users but not others and whether the entire system of "followers" is ripe for misuse.

This makes it even more important that journalists treat information received via social media with caution until it can be verified. Trump represents a special case, of course, because his tweets have the power to move global markets and the potential to incite global conflict.

But reporting on his every tweet and treating them as tantamount to executive orders is a dangerous distraction that risks severe economic and geopolitical consequences.

It is the communication tool Mr. Trump uses when he wants to be presidential. Twitter is the communication tool Mr. Trump uses when he wants to be political. It is jarring to see the taunting and divisive language he uses on social media. Unfiltered and unfocused, his tweets suggest a Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Yet it's not about him trying to be a different person.

He's just targeting a different audience.

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Also, in February , the work day was increased from eight to twelve hours.

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On 1 August , Heydrich began his job as chief of the new 'Ic Service' intelligence service.

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